Kinsky Peeler Give You a Beatufull Life!


1.The Kinsky Peeler,give you more fruits and vegetables into your life, Make your meals more than just a daily ritual, but a genuine source of energy and vitamins for your family.

2.A Multifunctional Gadget that Makes Everyday Cooking Easy! Let you easily make a variety of fruit and vegetable salad, to the family a healthy and delicious food cooking.

3.You need to use the brush with the running water gently cleaning.You don't need to clean with hands and make it injuries.

4.A good peeler not only easy to use, but also save your time, faster to the health of the family delicious cooking.


Why Choose Our Peeler?


We are do kitchen appliances with truth heart, I hope to give you a safe and convenient kitchen tools, can bring you more happiness and happiness into your kitchen, give your family a healthy cuisine cooking.


Product specifications


Name of product: Gourd fruit slicer (double head) Vegetable Peeler.

Material: Food grade stainless steel / environmentally friendly nylon (brush).

Specifications: Length 7.1 * Width 3.23 * Height 0.94inch

Weight: 3.17oz (net weight) / 3.95oz (gross weight).

Accessories: Double blade + clean brush.

Uses: Suitable for melon fruit planing, shavings, peeling and so on.

Cleaning: Can be placed in dishwasher cleaning.

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Fruit Vegetable Peeler,Kinsky Kitchen Ultra Sharp Multi-function Peeler Double Head Stainless Steel Fruit Vegetable Hand Planer with Cleaning Brush

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