Item: BENS-89
Whether imported: no
Material: stainless steel
Origin: Chaozhou
Style: Western style
You can print LOGO:
Features: no coating
Outside box specifications: 64*55*76
Model: BENS-89
Weight: 3
Trade attribute: Gucci
Applicable gifts occasions: opening ceremony, awards Memorial, business gifts, advertising promotion, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, fairs, festivals, employee benefits
Packing: color box
Product launch time: Spring 2016
The bottom of the pot bottom material:
Cover type: combination cover
Processing custom: Yes
Applicable range: General
Whether there is a patent: there are
Set configuration: milk pot, soup pot, Hot pot
Specification: 16cm 20cm 24cm (inner diameter)
Function: environmental protection

The three layer material of steel pan:
The first layer (the innermost layer) - antibacterial layer: Senior antibacterial 18/10 high-quality medical stainless steel food grade stainless steel, safe and non-toxic, can be in direct contact with food, high density surface to prevent intrusion phenomenon of oil surface, do not use any chemical substances, and the 18/10 steel is a senior medical grade stainless steel, has a strong antibacterial function. And acid, alkali resistant effect, do not react with food in acid-base, food can keep the original
The second layer (middle layer) - saving heat storage layer: purity of 1050 pure aluminum up to 99.95% of the high efficiency heat storage, advanced 1050 aluminum layer with high thermal conductivity heat storage, thermal effect fast, can save energy and save time.
The third layer (outermost layer) - high thermal conductivity of magnetic layer: 18/0 superconducting magnetic stainless steel 430 superconducting magnet with magnetic stainless steel, suitable for an electromagnetic oven.
Other recommended products.
Use three stainless steel pot with the top six advantages:
1, high-quality stainless steel, anti rust, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, beautiful appearance, durable and lasting.
2, endothermic plus heat storage bottom structure design, uniform heating, "low temperature low water low oil" nutrition cooking, no soot, save energy 30% (about 200 yuan / year).
3, a non sticky function, does not need to be coated with a layer of chemical coating, not scratch, can be fuel-efficient 20% (about 200 yuan / year)
4, "low water and low oil nutritional cooking pot multi-purpose, can be fried, stewed, fried, stewed, baked, boiled, Jiu, stew.
5, smokeless --- do not need fire cooking, as long as the oil temperature does not exceed 240 degrees < < oil fission temperature >, is no any lampblack, not fume harm, protect the kitchen environment, protect the health of the lungs.
6, suitable for a variety of natural gas stove gas stove, oven, electric stove, electric stove, electric heating plate, electric furnace, infrared (electromagnetic oven), alcohol stove, gas stove, briquette stove.
Three layer steel pot instructions:
Thank you for choosing our three layers of stainless steel wok, for the proper use of this product; please read the instructions before using.
1 please check whether the handle and cover are loosened and tightened before use.
2 is used for the first time the need to remove the residual oil machinery manufacturing process with vinegar or detergent, it is better to use warm water to wash and clean the water against the vinegar water after use, it can maintain the luster and the life.
3 stainless steel composite health pot heat conduction, heat storage performance is excellent, so in the cooking process, just use small fire heating can.
4 cook before need to be inside and outside of the boiler body water or oil to wipe clean, lest the pot looks dark yellow.
5 stainless steel composite health wok heat transfer performance is excellent, it should not in the oil before heating pot heating, cooking method should also follow the "hot pot fire": the first to use fire to preheat the whole pot, when the user turns into a small fire, pour oil on it.
6 stainless steel composite health pot with good non viscous and thermal conductivity, so put in the oil on the basis of the general amount of oil at least 30% reduction.
7 stainless steel composite health pot has good performance of heat storage, cooking oil 50% common foods in the heat, stir in the oil to 60% hot food.
8 stainless steel composite health pot is prohibited for a long time empty pot dry burning, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the pot body, thus affecting the appearance.
9 stainless steel composite health pot in normal use, the water vapor and vegetables flavor will still appear, do not mistakenly believe that the fumes produced.
10 in order to avoid the cooking fumes of the second dishes, please pay attention to clean your wok.
Matters needing attention:
1 do not use hard, rough, sharp items wipe the inside and outside the pot surface to prevent pot body surface scratches. When in use, please avoid the flame burn pot handle, the handle so as not to burn out.
2 fry, fry, cook food, please do not leave, so as not to happen food burning sticky bottom and dry burn.
3 to prevent overflow, avoid putting out the fire and damage of stoves and accidents etc..
4 do not empty to burn or dry pot, otherwise it will lead to the deformation, discoloration and other undesirable consequences.
5 do not burn empty, dry pot immediately into cold water or into cold water cooling, so that the pot natural heat, to avoid adverse consequences due to temperature mutations.
6 do not let children touch hot pot, so as not to scald.
Maintenance method:
1 stainless steel composite health pot is easy to clean, scrub with soft cloth, clean water can be washed, if a small amount of sticky pot material, you can also use a steel ball (clean ball).
2 in order to pot life, we recommend that you avoid as long as possible to place strong acid and alkali food and water.
3 stainless steel composite health pot itself will become yellow and black, but because the heating temperature is too high or the outer wall of the pot body is sticky with grease and seasonings, after heating may turn yellow black, this kind of situation please use detergent to wash.
4 regular cleaning usually do not touch the food part, such as handle seat, the outer surface of the pot, etc., so as not to produce dirt. After cleaning pot, surface residual moisture must be wiped clean, and then placed in dry place.
5 stainless steel compound health pot body edge uniform heating, high temperature, beware scald.

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Bern, double bottom, stainless steel pot with a suit with a three-piece gift suit soup pot milk pan frying pan

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